INVISTA – Maitland installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant to displace the load normally supplied from the grid. Steam is used for process and space heating.

INVISTA – Maitland CHP output is 7.9 MW of electricity and up to 140,00 lbs/hr of 450 psig steam. The plant realized annual electricity savings of up to 70 GWh.

INVISTA received $8 million in incentives through Hydro One’s Process & Systems Upgrade Program which helped provide a project payback of 4 years. The steam generated by the CHP system is blended with steam from plant boilers and supplies heat to the plant. This type of facility is known as a behind-the-meter since it reduces the net incoming power from the grid without exports of power.

INVISTA engaged CGTA to study the implications of installing a cogeneration plant at the Maitland Site. CGTA provided the front end Studies, specifications and detailed design engineering (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control, civil and structural) for the design of the CHP.

As INVISTA is a Class A Hydro One customer their most significant savings come from the reduction in peak demand. The new plant offers additional energy savings and efficiencies that are helping INVISTA meet a key corporate goal of reducing energy intensity.