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From 1 MW to 100 MW – providing consulting engineering services in the Power and Utility Industry for over 40 years

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About CGTA Engineering

CHARLES G. TURNER & ASSOCIATES LTD. (CGTA) is an independent Engineering firm providing consulting engineering services to power generation, electrical utilities and industrial customers.

Combined Cycle Generating Stations :: Thermal Power Plants :: Cogeneration Plants :: Utilities :: Industrial Process Control :: Industrial Heating & Ventilation :: High Voltage Electrical Systems :: Central Cooling Plants :: Water Treatment Plants :: Air Compressor Facilities :: Battery Storage :: Solar Generation :: Wind Power :: Green Energy Projects

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Invista, Kingston – Combined Heat and Power

The CHP displaced load from the grid with heat used for process and space heating. – output is 7.9 MW of electricity and 35,000 lb/hr of 250 psig steam.

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Capstone –
Cardinal Power –
Natural Gas
Combined Cycle Plant

Cardinal Power achieved a milestone
for its Siemens Westinghouse gas
turbine with 150,000 hours of operations.
This accomplishment reflects the reliable
design of the turbine as well as the
positive effect of preventive maintenance.

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